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´╗┐Dryden ratepayers asked to choose their tax rate

Councillor Sid Wintle and Mayor Craig Nuttall discuss the city''s affairs at last "Anadrol 50" night''s meeting.

A public meeting is being 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone scheduled for the end Anavar Zmrc of the month. That''s when ratepayers will be asked to choose between three options.

At last night''s committee of the whole, Chief Administrative Officer Andre Larabie offered choices that ranged between a Anadrol Keifei 1.5 and a Buy Cheap Jintropin Online four per cent rate increase. This didn''t sit well with Coun. Sid Wintle, who asked for a fourth option.

"My concern is that we''ve had such a significant increase for residential taxpayers over the last three years, it''s time to give them a break. I was one of the few that voted against a 20 per cent water rate increase, but that comes out of Gensci Jintropin the taxpayers pocket also. We''ve hit them hard enough this year, as far as I''m concerned," he said.

Wintle noted property assessments are also expected to rise this year, adding to the burden on residential taxpayers.

During the public meeting, Larabie said attendees will be walked through the options before council. At the end, ratepayers will be asked to provide direction to council.

This spring, council has been asked to find $4 million in savings, in order to balance the books. They''re almost there. Councillor Mary Trist chaired last night''s meeting.

"The next step in this is giving council a chance to Dianabol Cycle Pct take a look at the budget draft we''ve seen, and setting that date for the public meeting. I think that so important to have public involvement, and listening to what they''re thinking," she said.

Finance chairman Martin MacKinnon also offered his opinion.

"Personally, I 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone support the 1.5 per cent tax increase. I''d sooner it was zero, but times being the way they are in this community, we have to do what is best to go forward, and that puts us on the right track," he said.

Last spring, council split on the budget vote. With municipal elections set for the fall, councillors may be especially sensitive to the feedback from voters, when the budget comes for a vote this spring.

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